Experience Energy Efficiency

During my time with EfficiencyOne, I was a member of the Efficiency Nova Scotia Project, as an Energy Solutions Advisor. My main responsibility was communicating program information to the public via incoming telephone calls and emails. I was also responsible for providing the public with assistance in making their homes more energy efficient. I created several resources that provided energy efficiency information to assist our clients. When needed, I assisted with work overflow in various other departments throughout the company.

Advice & Assistance

I was required to have a comprehensive understanding of all programs, both residential and commercial. When a client called or emailed with questions, rarely was it necessary for the call to go beyond me. In fact, we as a group consistently had a 98% customer satisfaction rate from Corporate Research Associates. This was almost unheard of!

Beyond program inquiries, I was also responsible for all clients' energy efficiency questions. This could be anything from a power bill analysis, to assisting with information on what heating systems might best benefit a client.

In my role as Energy Solutions Advisor, I was able to help many Nova Scotians reduce overall energy consumption in a manner that made sense financially.

Resource Creation

Another one of my responsibilities was creating various resources to assist the public with their energy saving upgrades. These resources were based on the questions and comments the public provided us through incoming phone calls and emails. If a particular topic came up often (for example, heat pumps), we would create a resource that would help our clients find a resolution. This served two purposes: The first was to provide valuable information that was requested by the public; the second would be to free up the Energy Solutions Advisors, so we would be able to answer even more questions.

Work Overflow


Because I needed to answer such a wide variety of inquires, I was well-versed in all Efficiency Nova Scotia's other programs. When there was work overflow in another department, I was able to step in and help them catch up. I believe that, should one department fall behind, we all fall behind. My varied knowledge allowed me to assist in most other departments within Efficiency Nova Scotia.




Utilizing my IT experience, I developed our departments Intranet using SharePoint. In order to develop the site, I first had to teach myself how to use SharePoint. I went beyond the standard WYSIWYG interface and hand coded much of the site.


Being a person committed to a sustainable lifestyle, it was natural for me to join the Environmental Committee. I presented the idea of a raised garden bed garden, outside of the offices, to support the local food bank. I received approval and spearheaded the first two seasons, culminating in donations to Feed Nova Scotia.